We have already posted on our website the first 15 videos of the NEW LEADERSHIPS series, monthly inspirational video-capsules for managers. Throughout the different chapters, several experts have given us insight into key aspects for the leaders of the new times.

In the first chapter, Miquel Lladó, professor and consultant, spoke to us about strategy. In the second, IESE Business School professor Nuria Chinchilla spoke to us about women and leadership, while in the third chapter, publicist Luis Bassat discussed how to communicate better to command without commanding.

Entrepreneur Helena Torras spoke to us about talent in the new economy, and Ana Palencia, director of communication at Unilever, about sustainability and purpose. ESADE consultant and professor Marc Cortés gave us some keys to digitizing our company, while Pablo Perella-Berdún, president of Kennedy Executive Search, spoke to us about the internationalization of talent. Xavier Marcet, innovation and transformation consultant, spoke to us about new management.

Andrea Vilallonga, image and communication consultant, spoke to us about the importance of improving the image to improve influence on a day-to-day basis. IESE professor Jaume Llopis introduced us to the changes that leadership has undergone in recent decades. Undoubtedly, an essential aspect to face changes is resilience, something that Santiago García told us about.

Juan Torras, a pioneer in the search for managerial talent in our country, explained to us the reasons for hiring talent consultants in times like the one we are going through and reviewed the characteristics of good consultants. Emma Giner, who was one of the top managers of the Inditex Group, spoke to us about the power of conversations to transform companies.

Pablo Foncillas, professor and consultant, gave us some tricks to attract customers in the Amazon era and finally Maribel Martínez de Murguía, on the 30th anniversary of her Olympic gold in Barcelona 92, spoke to us about the keys to building winning teams.

You can check the list of all the videos in the following link