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20 May 2022 10 Keys to an attractive city for talent
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Álvaro Cárcel, Executive Search director.In the last 6 months, I have had the opportunity to attend 2 different events, in which the same theme has been addressed from different perspectives: What are the keys for a city to become an attractive destination for talent?Both events took the city of Bar..
12 May 2022 Five tricks to influence and make things happen
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Article from Álvaro Cárcel, Executive Search director. Recently David Robinson has written an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review. It's not always easy when you're new in a company to influence top management. In some of our videos of New Leaderships this matter has been discussed, bu..
21 Apr 2022 8 characteristics of every good leader
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Tribune of César Duran, Executive Search Consultant.Lately we are experiencing so many changes around us that normality has become a utopian concept. We have become accustomed to experiencing pseudo-apocalyptic events constantly and people have once again reconsidered their priorities in life, obser..
30 Mar 2022 The psychological look in the search for leaders
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Mireia Buchaca Tribune, Executive Search Consultant.Historically, psychology professionals have dedicated their professional life to studying the mental processes and behavior of human beings, which are constantly changing due to interaction with the environment. However, in addition to the research..
23 Mar 2022 Spain: moving towards diversity?
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Alvaro Carcel TribuneFirst the pandemic, then the supply crisis and the increase in the price of energy and raw materials, and finally, the war in Ukraine, have accentuated uncertainty and have partially altered the strategic agendas of companies.Aspects such as diversity, innovation, digitization, ..
22 Feb 2022 Saltor Talent continues to grow with the incorporation of two new consultants
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This week, Saltor Talent reinforces its team with the incorporation of two new consultants: Mireia Buchaca and César Durán. Both profiles will support the Executive Search area, which has been experiencing sustained growth over the last six quarters.Mireia is from Barcelona. She studied Psychology a..
17 Feb 2022 Tribune | Silent Leadership
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Alvaro Carcel Tribune.In the business field, there is extensive literature on the concept of leadership. What is a leader? What qualities does a good leader have? And a bad leader? When we talk about leadership ability, what does it mean?Obviously, there are a number of qualities or characteristics ..
15 Feb 2022 Iñaki Saltor, entrevistado en el Foro Directivos de Radio Intereconomía
19 Jan 2022 Saltor Talent on Expansión y Empleo cover
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This morning a report on our consultant appeared on the cover of Expansión y Empleo, which can be read here.We collect some of the statements of our team members in the article:Iñaki Saltor, founding partner of Saltor Talent:"It is fundamental to guarantee the long term, the sustainability of a comp..
26 Nov 2021 Post-pandemic flexibility and the 5Cs
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When it comes to making work more flexible in post-pandemic environments, some companies have fear (s). The easiest answer is to avoid flexibility policies by claiming that they don't work for you. In reality, flexible labor policies can work in & nbsp; any & nbsp; industry, and the harsh months of..
18 Nov 2021 Kennedy Executive Search President Visits Saltor Talent
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Pablo Perella-Berdun , president of Kennedy Executive Search has visited the headquarters of Saltor Talent in Barcelona. Kennedy, of which Saltor Talent is a part, is an international network of executive search and development boutiques. During their stay, the president of Kennedy and the Saltor ..
27 Sep 2021 Executive Agora: interview with Mireia Vázquez
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We continue with our monthly web section Saltor Talent Executive Agora, where we will interview different executives. This September we interviewed Mireia Vázquez, Director of Digital Presence, Media and Content at Banco Sabadell. What position do you hold in your current company, and what are y..
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