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and sectors

Family businesses and SMEs

We specialize in finding, evaluating and developing your key positions, management committees and boards of directors. In Spain it is estimated that 89% of companies out of the total are family and / or SMEs. And at Saltor Talent we have extensive experience in this sector.

Large corporations and multinationals

We work for large corporations and multinationals with the speed and discretion they demand. Thanks to our worldwide network of Kennedy Executive partner offices, we have a world-class database. And added to innovation in search tools, assessment and consulting, we achieve optimal results.

Startups and technology companies

The demand for technology talent and managers for technology-based companies is increasing. Understand the logic of this type of company, improving the attraction and retention of the best candidates. Knowing well the roles and abilities of potential candidates and the benefits the employer has to offer is the key to getting it right.