In a time of continual disruption, the capturing, evaluation and management of talent needs some serious revision…

Disruption and Executive Search

Human Resource Departments are facing complex and changing challenges such as how to find and attract talent vis-à-vis an environment of scarcity of skilled professionals. However, the problem does not begin and end in the identification and attraction of suitable skills profiles. Workers have become more and more demanding, and gaining and retaining their loyalty is also a major challenge for organizations.

Innovation as the only option to continue contributing value

Historically, Executive Search firms have worked closely with our clients, specifically in the area of human resources, in order to help them identify and attract senior profiles of a certain degree of complexity.

At this present time and with the scarcity of talent, we are forced to rethink and redefine what our role is and what the added value is that we can offer to our clients. In an environment in which our services are needed more than ever, we must act as true partners and become an extension of our clients by creating unique and differentiated experiences as much for them as for the candidates.

On the one hand we must help our clients to define what professional profiles they are looking for within a context of constant change and instability; on the other hand we must be able to find that talent and attract it to our clients’ projects.

Saltor Talent was started with a very clear idea: that only through innovation could we continue to bring added value to our clients and candidates. For this reason, we decided to embark upon creating a new methodology – Seamless From Need to Fit by Saltor – very much in line with our vision to  transform the world of the Executive Search.

It has been a year-long journey, but the result is even better than we could have imagined at the beginning.

The reason for this blog

The objective of this blog is precisely to be able to share our vision, explain what our new role is, and what our new value proposal consists of. As well, we will analyze the most notable trends in the area of talent and human resources.