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Seamless from Need to Fit ®

Because it’s not about how marvellous the Executive Talent is, but how seamlessly it fits the position

Seamless from Need to Fit® is an innovative gamified experience that rethinks all of the Moments of Truth an Executive Search process to grant their efficiency and, at the end of it, a perfect match between clients’ needs and the candidate.

A process created from scratch to eliminate the seam of old methods and focus on those often hidden aspects that are fundamental for the success of an Executive Talent search.

A Methodology that respects both clients’ and candidates’ resources and intelligence. A process that breaks new ground to attract Executive Talent for the XXIst Century.

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Because the way you treat candidates reflects the image of your company

Talent Assessment

Because keeping and motivating your company’s talent is critical to success

The innovative Seamless from Need to Fit® Executive Talent Assessment experience that eliminates the seam of old Executive Talent Assessment methods to focus on those aspects that are truly fundamental help granting not just:

  • That key positions are properly covered by executive talent.
  • The continuity of future leaders and the sustainability of the company’s projects.

But also:

    1 - That the often hidden but fundamental aspects of the Executive Talent Assessment - such as motivations, abilities and mindset - are profoundly taken into account.

    Career Counseling

    Because guiding talent to find their way is critical to success

    The innovative Seamless from Need to Fit® Executive Career Counseling experience that eliminates the seam of old Executive Career Counseling methods to focus on those aspects that are truly fundamental help granting not just:

    • That the executive talent takes the proper decisions on the continuity of their careers and structures them with the corresponding Action Plan;
    • That they understand themselves, their career, their opportunities and the potentially limiting factors that may be blocking their desired professional evolution.

    But also:

      1 - That the often hidden but fundamental aspects of the Executive Career Counseling – such as motivations, abilities and mindset - are profoundly taken into account.

      Strategic talent consulting

      Because human capital is the most important resource for companies

      Thanks to our knowledge of talent and organizations, we carry out ad hoc strategic consultancy projects for our clients.


      • Identification of the purpose and values of an organization. Because, in order to secure a team that works towards the same objectives, it is necessary to have a common purpose and shared values. Thanks to our own personally devised methodology, Seamless From Need To Fit ®, we help organizations and their management teams to identify and align their common purpose and shared values.
      • Building an employer brand, as well as market communication. Because, in a talent search environment, it is necessary, more than ever, to have a good reputation in the market, both online, as well as offline, in order to attract and retain talent. We help organizations identify their employee value proposal, as an employer brand, and transmit this effectively to the market.
      • Defining key positions in organizations, such as the Steering/Executive Committee, General Management, CEO/President and Board of Directors
        Because new positions, which are constantly being created, and already existing positions need to be updated in the face of new challenges. Thanks to our own personally devised methodology Seamless From Need To Fit®, we help organizations define their most strategic positions and their optimum profile for each of them.
      • Assessment of the processes for the attraction and selection of talent.
        Because having an efficient process in place for attracting and selecting talent, geared towards the candidate’s experience, is the first step to hiring the best professionals in the market. Driven by our own personally devised methodology Seamless from Need to Fit®, we guide and help companies to build solid processes centered on the candidate.
      • Definition of executive onboarding. Because a solid onboarding process improves the average retention rate for new employees by 82% and their productivity by more than 70% (According to research by the Brandon Hall Group). Thanks to individualized accompaniment by an executive coach, we ensure a rapid and effective transition for the new professional addition.

      Executive On Boarding processes

      Because, accompanying the executive in joining the organization during the first months is vital to ensure a successful incorporation

      • For this, an experienced executive coach will direct and monitor the new member of the company, for at least the first 90 days.

      Proper onboarding does not only guarantee the correct integration of the executive into the organization but also ensures:

        1 - Their medium/long-term permanence;