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19 Feb 2020 The raison d’être for Saltor Talent Executive Search
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I am so pleased to be writing in our blog for the first time. I was asked to write about our raison d’être and my first reflection is that after 5 years of much hard work, the project that we have been dreaming about is now a reality. Saltor is a mixture of history, the past, innovation and disrupt..
07 Feb 2020 Saltor Team Presentation
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Saltor Talent, executive search A team to trust. Because trust is undoubtedly the new currency Iñaki Saltor Managing Partner Iñaki began his professional career as a member of an international executive headhunter firm in 2004 in Barcelona. In 2008, he was named General Director of the Spanish branc..
07 Feb 2020 Leading disruption in the Executive Search
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In a time of continual disruption, the capturing, evaluation and management of talent needs some serious revision… Disruption and Executive Search Human Resource Departments are facing complex and changing challenges such as how to find and attract talent vis-à-vis an environment of scarcity of skil..
03 Feb 2020 The importance of active listening, mindfulness in our profession
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