Saltor Talent presents NEW LEADERSHIPS, capsules of inspiration for managers. Throughout the different chapters, several experts will introduce us to key aspects for the leaders of the new times.

In the fourth chapter, Ana Palencia, director of communication and sustainability at Unilever in Spain. After 3 years working in a magnetic pigment industry, she started working at CPC Spain in 1994 in the research and development department as a dehydrated product technician for brands such as Knorr, Hornimans, Maizena, Potax, etc... After 2 years was promoted as head of Quality Assurance. Subsequently, CPC acquired the company Starlux in 1998, creating Bestfoods and once again returned to the area of ​​research and development as head of the category of cocoa products and stuffed pasta, where she spent 3 years until the company Unilever acquired Bestfoods. Then, she began working as head of nutrition and customer service for Unilever Foods Spain from 2001 until January 2006 when she was promoted as Director of Corporate Communication for Unilever Spain, her current position, being one of her areas of leadership in the company corporate social responsibility.

In January 2014, she adds to her position as Communication Director of Unilever Spain the responsibility of helping to lead Sustainability in Unilever Europe, with the aim of co-developing the USLP strategy, coordinating and supporting the company's Sustainable Growth .