Saltor Talent presents NEW LEADERSHIPS, capsules of inspiration for managers. Throughout the different chapters, several experts will introduce us to key aspects for the leaders of the new times.

In the twelfth chapter, Juan Torras, managing partner of TG Asesores and former partner of Egon Zehnder.

Currently, after completing his professional cycle at Egon Zehnder, since 2016 he has been developing a more personal consulting platform - TG Asesores - on issues of business advice, talent management, leadership, corporate governance in family businesses, as well as support and advice of professional careers.

At the end of 1988 he joined the firm Egon Zehnder as a consultant, taking responsibility for the opening of the Barcelona office. International partner since 1994. He is a leading senior management consulting firm.

In 1980 he joined Citibank, Corporate Banking, initially in the Barcelona office as risk manager and later in the business area of ​​local companies. Since 1986 as VP of Corporate Banking, actively participating in the restructuring of the electricity sector.

He began his professional activity in 1977, initially as managing partner of GEPISA, a management consulting firm founded with 4 other partners.

He has been a professor at UPC from 1977 to 1990 in the Department of Business Management. He is a Member of the Board of Directors and Secretary General of RACC, (2015 - act.), Member of the National Board of the Spanish Association of Managers, (1996 - act.), Member of the Board of Trustees of the Fundación Quiero Trabajo, (2016 - act.), President of the von Mises Barcelona Institute, (2007 - act.), Member of the Mont Pelerin Society since 1990., Director of POLINTER, a family industrial company. (2016 - current)

He has been a director and president of the CNR of the EDM Group, (1994 - 2020), a member of the Development Board and its Executive Committee, chairing the Economy and Taxation Commission, he has belonged to the Economic Table of the Chamber of Commerce, a body adviser to its President. And he was President of the FCB Economic Commission in 2004 and VP until 2007.

He published with Juan Rosell and Joaquín Trigo, "Create 80,000 Entrepreneurs"

(Editorial Plaza and Janes. 1985, 2nd edition 2011). He was Co-editor of the book: "Leading in the SXXI" (Ed. Deusto - Fundación AED, 2001) and has been responsible for several publications on the manager's career at AED where he leads the Management Function Commission and has published articles in specialized magazines on business and economics.