Saltor Talent presents NEW LEADERSHIPS, capsules of inspiration for managers. Throughout the different chapters, several experts will introduce us to key aspects for the leaders of the new times.

In the tenth chapter, Jaume Llopis, professor emeritus at IESE Business School.

the prof. Llopis has worked professionally as chief executive of several important companies and groups such as Agrolimen, Sarrió, AGF Unión-Fenix, Carnation, Nestlé, Moulinex and Borges Mediterranean Group. He has experience as a member of more than 40 boards of directors of multinational and family companies in Europe and Latin America, including Telefonica's Disruptive Council. Currently, he chairs the Board of Directors of the Galician dairy holding company Dairygal y Lasurgal

Prof. Llopis is the author of several books: What good managers do. The challenge of the 21st century; Leading: 11 Key Factors of Business Success; Managing and Reinventing The Company: 11+1 Key Factors of Business Success; I lead. The management of the 21st century according to its protagonists; Management by lies. Myths and Lies in Management is a best seller and The New York Times published a page as an example of one of the best management books of the month.

He has published several IESE cases and technical notes, and since 1992 he has organized the Food and Beverage Entrepreneurs Meetings at IESE in Spain and since 2015 in Mexico. Currently, he combines teaching with the consulting he offers at his company, Governance and Consulting. He is also a partner in the international mergers and acquisitions firm 2iG Capital.

Prof. Llopis has extensive experience in the consumer goods sector and in family businesses and has great knowledge of the US and Latin American markets, especially the Mexican market, where he works closely with the IPADE management training school. .