This week, Saltor Talent reinforces its team with the incorporation of two new consultants: Mireia Buchaca and César Durán. Both profiles will support the Executive Search area, which has been experiencing sustained growth over the last six quarters.

Mireia is from Barcelona. She studied Psychology at Blanquerna University and also has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and a Postgraduate degree in Human Resources. She believes that "psychology contributes a lot to the field of human resources, especially in the screening of candidates: a psychologist can see a little beyond what is usually seen in these processes". She has worked in two Executive Search consultancies since the beginning of her professional career. From Executive Search she likes to "work with valuable people, and with a type of profile that is not so common in other areas of human resources." And she continues: "the processes are quite technical, more reduced, they have an added value and a plus of rigor". For her, this job gives her "the satisfaction of seeing a person who, as a general rule, is already satisfied professionally, to see her even better, when she changes companies." About Saltor Talent, Mireia values ​​that she works with a “fresh and dynamic team, with a lot of room for growth”. In addition, she believes that "the type of service is highly focused on the person, is rigorous and focuses on providing a differentiated experience, both to candidates and clients."

César is also from Barcelona, ​​and studied Labour Relations at Pompeu Fabra and Law at the UOC. He began his professional journey at the PwC consulting firm and has worked for two multinationals in the field of executive search since 2018. For César, working in this field is "being able to change people's lives for the better." He likes and is stimulated to detect talent in a changing labor market and above all, "difficult processes, in which there are not many candidates". He was attracted to Saltor Talent by "a unique methodology, the search for excellence and an enormous projection for the future".

When asking the Director of the Executive Search area, Álvaro Cárcel, he tells us that “the two new additions to Saltor Talent become part of a very balanced team, where profiles with a lot of experience and a long professional career are combined with other younger profiles, which provide a different vision and represent the generational change that companies are experiencing in the managerial field”. “In addition – Álvaro Cárcel continues – they are digital natives, they have strong agility and mastery of current work tools, in addition to moving easily and comfortably in VUCA environments, key aspects for the times we are experiencing".

Iñaki Saltor, Founding Partner of Saltor Talent, points out that both incorporations are a sign of the firm's consolidation and that they come at an exceptional time, post-covid. “We are in a moment of transformation in several sectors of the economy and the pandemic has only accelerated the need to transform. Companies demand from us managerial talent that works for them in this new environment: people who fit their purpose, who know how to make decisions with little information, influence and manage teams with a great capacity for empathy”.