Saltor Talent presents NEW LEADERSHIPS, capsules of inspiration for managers. Throughout the different chapters, several experts will introduce us to key aspects for the leaders of the new times.

In the first chapter, Miquel Lladó, Professor of Strategy and Leadership at IESE Business School. He has recently published the book 'Falling in love with the future'. It tells different aspects of the strategy and talent that companies need today.

Miquel Lladó is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Strategic Management. He has a degree in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Barcelona.

He combines his academic activity with that of strategy advisor through his own firm, Peak Business Advisory, since 2008. He has accumulated experience in 20 different sectors-industries. He is a Member of the Advisory Council of Vallformosa, NetipBox, Kubbo and Norma Uniarte.

He has given conferences on Strategy, Leadership and Globalization, for companies and institutions in Spain, Portugal, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Georgia, Slovakia, China and Peru.

He has extensive executive experience: Group President & CEO at Sara Lee Bakery Group, CEO at Bimbo Spain & Portugal, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Bimbo Spain & Portugal, Vice President of New Businesses at PepsiCo Foods Spain & Portugal, Director of Sales & Projects Specials at PepsiCo Foods International in the United States, in addition to other executive positions. He has been a Member of the Board of Directors of Plásticos Tatay, Berlys, Grupo Panasa and Grupo Gomà-Camps.

He has completed Management Development programs at IESE (PADE), Harvard Business School, Wharton School, Kellogg School of Management, ESADE, McGill University and IEDC Bled School of Management in Slovenia.

Miquel Lladó was chosen Best Executive of the year 2000 by the AED (Spanish Association of Managers).