Mireia Buchaca Tribune, Executive Search Consultant.

Historically, psychology professionals have dedicated their professional life to studying the mental processes and behavior of human beings, which are constantly changing due to interaction with the environment. However, in addition to the research and clinical fields, we find professional psychologists in other fields, such as in sports, in business or personal coaching, in education, and also in the field of human resources. Psychologists who, like me, are in the specialty of personnel selection, are dedicated to looking for the best candidate to take on a new challenge and professional project.

The purpose of our work is to offer a quality service to our clients, both companies and candidates. Some entrust us with the power to improve the situation of their company with the incorporation of potential professionals; to others, we give them the opportunity to change and improve their professional life.

During the process of selecting, evaluating and hiring a person, there are many variables that influence the final decision to choose one professional or another. Beyond analyzing the technical aspects, it is very important to make a good assessment of the personal skills of each candidate, fundamental tools to adequately perform their job.

Evaluating and focusing on the analysis and assessment of a person's personal skills during the selection process, especially focused on the hiring of managerial figures, is essential due to the impact they have on organizations. There are many factors that influence and must be taken into consideration when working so that a person can carry out their responsibilities successfully, such as evaluating the context, relational and communication style, social skills, leadership style, etc. since all these variables make up the person and are reflected in their way of working in the organization.

Human resources professionals do not always have formal training in psychology. In fact, it is not the most common. In my case, having been able to train in both disciplines, psychology and human resources, allows me, today, to carry out selection processes with a different perspective, with the ability to identify through the discourse and behavior of the candidates, certain implicit nuances that denote a tendency towards a type of personality and some characteristics or others. Aspects required to produce a high fit between the incorporated figure, both at a technical level and in accordance with the culture, vision and mission of the organization.

There are many benefits to the selection process of being able to offer a psychological look, more focused on the person, their personal and social skills, so necessary for success, sometimes even more than the person's professional profile.