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27 Sep 2023 The top 10 career tips applicable to any professional
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Álvaro Cárcel, Partner.   Yesterday we attended the event organized by Esade Alumni "Challenging the status quo: how to build a successful career in the Pharma & Healthcare sector by breaking gender barriers".The event consisted of two parts: a presentation of ShePharma (group that was born with the..
20 Sep 2023 What does the end of the year hold? Outlook Q4 2023
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Álvaro Cárcel, Partner.   The Spanish Chamber of Commerce has updated upwards the forecast figures for the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for this year to 2.1% (vs. 1.9% initially expected), but cuts the figure to 1.7% for the year 2024, six tenths less than initially expected. The proje..
05 Sep 2023 The Distinctive Approach to Senior Recruitment in the Luxury Industry
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 The luxury industry stands apart from other sectors with its unmatched craftsmanship, attention to detail and exclusive customer base. The relentless pursuit of perfection and meticulous attention to detail call for a specialized skill set. Consequently, talent acquisition in the luxury industry de..
29 Aug 2023 Liquid society. Liquid organisations. Liquid talent.
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Álvaro Cárcel, Partner.   Liquid society: the environment we move in.   In recent years, the concept of "liquid society" coined by Zygmunt Bauman has become relevant to describe the ever-changing and volatile social environment in which we live. This concept suggests that we live in a society charac..
10 Jul 2023 From Technician to Manager. From Manager to Executive. From Executive to Leader.
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Álvaro Cárcel, Partner.  As we say on many occasions, a professional race should be analysed as a marathon, and not as a 100-meter race. Throughout this adventure, there are different stages, which depend on different factors, such as the motivations, aspirations, abilities, risk aversion, or vital ..
23 Jun 2023 Webinar:  How can we ensure progress of DE&I
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Saltor Talent and their partners of Kennedy Executive Search organized last 13th of June a live event about a global perspective "How can we ensure progress of DE&I" Renowned specialists from Europe to Americas attended this international webinar discussing about challenges and opportunities they ha..
22 Jun 2023
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Álvaro Cárcel, Partner. First message: When it comes to people, there is no such thing as an exact science. Trying to select in a 100% scientific way is not only a mistake, but it is directly impossible. That said, there is another extreme, very widespread in organizations, which is selection by mer..
14 Jun 2023 Do family business have greater difficulties in attracting talent compared to multinationals?
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Álvaro Cárcel, Partner.  Last week I had the opportunity to share a round table in Madrid with management profiles in times of transition, in which we were able to discuss, among other topics, the situation of the Spanish labour market and what companies are currently demanding, both at the level o..
24 May 2023 Talent as a driver of change
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 The Encounters with Talent conference organized this Tuesday, May 23 by Foment del Treball and Nortempo has given us interesting reflections on talent as a driver of change in a world in constant evolution. With a first presentation by Xavier Marcet and his management of the XXI Century and a round..
23 May 2023 Esade Alumni conference led by Paloma Villafranca, how to approach a job interview
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Yesterday we had the opportunity to participate in the conference organized by Esade Alumni Virtual Coffee Drop-in: Job interview, led by Paloma Villafranca.Before the session, the participants received a series of documents to prepare, in which some volunteers had the opportunity to practicein real..
11 May 2023 D&I - Spain ranks as the second country in the EU  with the highest number of women managers
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Álvaro Cárcel, Partner.  A recent study by  Gran Thornton (Women in Business 2023) reinforces  and confirms some of the conclusions of the webinar organized by Saltor Talent in July 2022:  Is Spain ahead or behind other european countries on Diversity & Inclusion?   See webinar diversity and inclus..
08 May 2023 Conference CEOE: Measure, Attract and Retain the Talent
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On April  13, from Saltor Talent we participated in the conference  "Measure, Attract and Retain Talent" organized by the CEOE and BQ Research Consulting Group.On the side of Saltor Talent and Kennedy Executive Search, Iñaki Saltor (Managing Partner) Ana Afan (Director of the Madrid Office) and Pabl..
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