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Seamless world

Because Executive Talent has no borders

One World Team

Because we are international

The whole world is Saltor’s home turf. Since its very first project, developed in Mexico from Barcelona, a Seamless World mindset has embodied our spirit. Our team and partners display a multilocal reality for a worldwide reach. Our international referrals illustrate this glocal vision more needed than ever before.

Countries' presence

Continents: Africa, America, Asia, Europe


International team

Industries: Consumer goods, Life Science and Med tech, IT and Telecom, Digital, Financial Services, Services, Industry, Retail

Worldwide Network

Because to cover the whole world you need to be connected to the right network

Saltor is a partner of Talentor, the International Talent Network operating in 28 countries of Africa, America, Asia and Europe that provides Executive Search to Worldwide customers.

Each Talentor partner combines local expertise with a global network. This gives clients access to worldwide talent, while still working with a local partner who knows their business, values, and vision.

Talentor consultants have in-depth knowledge of different industries and the know-how to approach highly qualified candidates.

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