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Seamless relations

Because Executive Talent Management is about trustworthy connections

Clients & referrals

Because trust is gained on an everyday basis

“Saltor makes a difference when strategic roles need filled. Saltor shows its value by applying individual methodologies to the recruitment process and a “cutting-edge” candidate experience. The process is always tailored to our needs and specific roles available.

Saltor stands out by getting to know us both inside and out, understanding our business and culture, for a hiring fit that not only reflects key talents and skills, but also cultural drive. For Banco Sabadell cultural fit is crucial to any hire as we need to make sure that the person we hire isn’t just someone we can see building profits for our business – but someone we’d be happy to work and grow with.

In our eyes Saltor has managed to create an intimate, attentive experience, leading to a greater chance of finding the best talent. It also gives you the benefit of a single point of contact and a more focused team at your disposal.

Saltor has demonstrated since the very first day being very flexible and agile in its ability to search for talent on our behalf.”

Josep Armengou

Director Selección

Banc Sabadell

“Saltor is an excellent partner that always offers more than one can expect from a headhunter.

Saltor’s team invested a lot of time in understanding the fundamental aspects of the culture and the structure of the organization… granting that the candidate is going to fit in the mid and long term and even leading us to a rethinking of the very position and of some of our organizational aspects. That is unique.

The aftercare is second to none. Once the candidate is on board, your excellent follow-up generates a feeling of absolute confidence, making it difficult for the result not to be a complete success.”

Ana Solá Martí

Directora de Recursos Humanos


“When recruiting a Director for our International Division, Saltor’s team quickly gathered a wide array of high quality candidates, offering a variety of international backgrounds.

I was pleased by how easily we built a relationship of trust with Saltor’s team and by their easiness to understand our needs and cultural specificities.”

David Rodríguez



“Saltor invests the necessary resources in understanding the customers’ organization and needs. The high complexity of our last hiring process finished successfully thanks to Saltor’s interest understanding the finer details of our strategy, values and culture.

To get the Big Picture is an easy and standard process, but the real challenge is finding out the subtleties and here Saltor succeeded and was able to cover our needs perfectly.

That’s why working with Saltor is a real pleasure. More than a headhunter or a service provider, Saltor has become a strong partner in our business.”

José Torrens

Director general


I would highlight three aspects of Saltor: trust, innovation and internationalization. 

Searching for the best fitting professional goes far beyond a job description and CVs. It is about understanding: the professionals’ motivations, the deep specifications of the project, the values of the organization, as much as the needed skills, attitudes, aptitudes…

As a candidate I’ve felt at every moment that my expectations have been properly managed, my time gently valued and a relation based on trust, developed.

I wish to go on working with Saltor.”

Xavier Vidal



A Team to trust

Because Trust is certainly the new currency

Iñaki Saltor


Seamless means to me seeing both my clients’ projects and the needs, motivations and dreams of my candidates as if they were mine…

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It means helping my clients to grow successfully incorporating the most appropriate executives according to their values ​​and future projects.

Seamless means to me building on our deeper values, as in my case: innovation, perseverance, rigor, exigency, ethics, stability, happiness and open mindedness.

It means to me being ready for the worldwide arena thanks to my experience of more than 18 years in the field of People (Executive Search, Evaluation and Development of Talent), in different countries and continents.

Álvaro Cárcel


Seamless means to me looking after all the interests involved in a recruitment process (clients, candidate and our network in general)…

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It means helping my clients at their more international than ever needs, that I can accomplish through my International education and working.

Seamless means to me innovating to stay ahead of the game and remain relevant by adding more value to our clients and candidates.

It means to me a genuine interest and passion for people and a clear and long term vision commitment to pursuing excellence in everything we do.

Pol Galindo


Seamless, means to me the chance of going beyond a standard hiring process and be able to find the perfect match between the client need and the candidate interest…

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It means to me delivering a unique experience to both our candidates and clients through an innovative and disruptive journey.

Katrina Lauritzen


Seamless means to me establishing a strong relationship with the client, built on mutual trust, open and constant communication at all times during the process. and a strong understanding of them and their needs… 

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It means providing a worldwide view and service based on over 20 years recruitment experience in international markets and to my very own life experience. I am lucky to have grown up in a multicultural environment. I’ve lived in various countries since my early childhood, speaking 6 languages- which has allowed me to grow into a truly global professional.

Seamless means to me thinking outside the box and keeping up with the latest technological trends to be able to give that extra touch which ensures the successful completion of a mission.

Annemie Peeters


Seamless to me is about connectedness. It  is about openness, transparency, clarity and alignment, while working with all stakeholders involved… 

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It is about the HOW of the whole recruiting process: building and nurturing genuine and quality relationships with clients and candidates, while being clear and focused on common objectives.
For me it is about integrating my experience as certified coach, global recruiter and previous managerial roles, with a purpose of serving people and business, to accompany people in their professional growth and to accompany businesses in accomplishing their mission.
Integrating seamless in our knowing, being and doing, will take us further all together.

Xavier Cambra


Seamless means, for me, understand and passionately analyze clients and candidates through long and pleasant conversations sharing stories of effort, anguish and success… 

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It means providing an external vision, both to business families and to professionals looking for new challenges, after more than 30 years of professional experience.
For me, it is a fundamental piece to understand the needs of clients and candidates, achieving a perfect fit and generating a trustful relationship.

Daniel Pascual


Seamless means to me going far beyond the existing standards, providing a full meaning and deep impact experience to become the first mover in the industry who offers an integrated digital solution…

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It means to me delivering a new transformational journey that allows to understand for the first time in a more connected and powerful way not only the real needs but also the absolute expectations and aspirations that help business be successful.

Seamless means to me granting for the first time in the industry an absolute fit between candidates and clients projects.

Fundamental Partners

Because to offer the best you need to network with people you can trust

Kennedy executive search is a global network of in(ter)dependent executive search boutiques and have partner offices in Europe, Latin America and North America; 50 countries covered. The owner of every Kennedy partner firm has been working in retained search for 10 years minimum in his or her respective market.

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Saltor is a partner of Cookie Box, a Worldwide reference in gamifying complex processes – such as the Talent Search – to create amazing experiences that please all the people involved in the process while maximizing the results.

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