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Seamless reasons

Because motivation generates movement

Metodología Saltor Talent


Exceptional business challenges of the 21st century:

  • Uncertainty
  • Constant and high-speed changes
  • Non-stop technological disruption
  • New generations with new demands and new relationships with information
  • New ways of working and relating to professional projects

This new environment demands companies reflect on their processes. This makes it essential to understand our company’s purpose and values in order to communicate them effectively. We must have the best tools and attract the finest professionals who fit the moment and the culture. People will only give their best in order to achieve a common goal.

Metodología Saltor Talent


Real solutions for real demand

  • We have defined a model that goes from Need to Fit. The Iceberg Effect: If we only evaluate the behaviour of a candidate, we will only know 10% of what they are truly like.
  • Our methodology Seamless From Need To Fit® extends beyond this. With it, we can assess the candidate’s most intrinsic motivations. Why might they feel attracted to our client’s proposal? What moves them to make decisions?
  • We go more deeply into the candidate’s intellectual preferences. How do they reason and why do they act as they do? With what people? What environments do they feel most comfortable in? How do they manage – up or down?
  • We assimilate their experience. We measure their competence in critical functional areas that stand out in their career and the value they add.
  • We also assess their potential. We gauge their ability to learn quickly in order to know what to do when there is uncertainty.
Metodología Saltor Talent


A seamless method

Seamless From Need To Fit®”  A proprietary methodology based on models of digital gamification and designed to create a personalised and fluid dynamic of processes between client and candidate.

The rigour of Seamless From Need To Fit® allows us to establish enriching evaluation circumstances for all parties involved. The result is a deeper level of understanding of people and their needs, creating in this way, the perfect fit – without seams.

We have a team of strategic partners that work in all of the areas in a disruptive, innovative and perfectly aligned way with the necessities of today.