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About Us

One World Team

The entire world is Saltor's home. Since his first project, developed in Mexico from Barcelona, a mindset without borders has embodied our spirit. Our team and partners show a multilocal reality for a global reach. Our international references illustrate this global vision, more necessary than ever.

Our History

Iñaki Saltor founds Saltor Talent to manage the sector. The name pays tribute to his father, Joaquim Saltor, who for 25 years was CEO of one of the most important firms in the search for directors between the 70s, 80s and 90s, IOR.
Saltor Talent makes a great commitment to R + D + I, in search of new methodologies that are valid in the current VUCA panorama both in the search for managers and in evaluation and consulting. We have a new headquarters in Calle Bruc.
The "Seamless: from need to fit" methodology is patented, a unique formula that allows an innovative gamified experience that rethinks all the Moments of Truth of an executive search process to guarantee maximum efficiency and, in the end, a perfect fit between the client's needs and the selected candidate.
Saltor Talent partners with Kennedy Executive Search, a global network of independent executive search firms with representation in Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America with which we cover 50 countries.
Saltor Talent starts the Human Consulting line, with which he profoundly transforms the company through an improvement in the leadership of its executives. Specialists are incorporated with more than 4,000 hours of sessions and in-depth accompaniment of CEOs, businessmen, executives and the best talent.
Saltor Talent launches the Bright-ly tool, a fully gamified, candidate centric and digital assessment center experience factory that has the development of CookieBox, a leader in experiences and storytelling and with the experience of the IESE school of directors. We open new offices in the financial district of Barcelona.

Worldwide Network

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Candidates in our database.
Management selection processes closed successfully.
Countries where we offer services.
Clients and candidates satisfaction.
Hours of 1:1 coaching and mentoring.
Hours of strategic workshops and development of teams and management skills.
Employees impacted through the processes and programs carried out.
Years of experience working directly with CEOs and senior management.
Of customers highly value the results obtained.
Languages in which the services are performed.

Own personality

We are artisans in the search, development and evaluation of managerial talent. The experience of clients and candidates throughout the process is exquisite.
Our methodology is close but also scientific and exhaustive to fulfill 100% the demands of our clients.
We disrupt the search and development sector for executives with technology, gamification and the best service to attract the best talent and evaluate it objectively.
Through our international partner Kennedy Executive Search, we are present in 37 markets in Europe, Asia and America.
Our team has more than 20 years of experience in executive search. Thousands of interviews and successful development plans support us.
Diversity and inclusion
We believe that it is a competitive advantage, which allows organizations to generate differential value. Our commitment is to help build balanced, diverse and inclusive teams.

Seamless from Need to Fit ®

At Saltor Talent we have created our own methodology to achieve a unique experience for the client and candidate, and rigorously match the client's need with the candidate's profile. Our method allows us a deeper understanding of people and needs, thus creating the perfect fit. Withouth stitches.

Seamless from Need to Fit® is an innovative gamified experience that rethinks all the Moments of Truth of an executive search process to ensure maximum efficiency and, ultimately, a perfect fit between the needs of the client and the candidate selected.

A process created from scratch to eliminate all the inefficiencies of traditional methods and focus on those aspects - often hidden - that are fundamental to the success of a search for executive talent.

A methodology that respects the resources and intelligence of clients and candidates. A process that opens up new avenues to attract 21st century executive talent.

About Us