Saltor Leadership and Talent - Presencia Internacional


Saltor is part of Talentor,
an international group with presence in 23 countries
in Europe, Latin America, USA and China.

We are all geniuses. But if you judge a fish for its ability to climb a tree,
it will live its entire life believing that it is stupid.
·Albert Einstein·


  • Leading partner in the project and the sole point of contact throughout the entire process
  • Local knowledge
  • Cultural matching
  • International personal experience



As the leading partner in the project and the sole point of contact throughout the entire process, we not only guarantee a thorough understanding of our client’s needs but also that we keep abreast of all knowledge and we apply it where needed. We save time by not losing efficiency due to having too many partners, thus guaranteeing consistent quality standards independent of where we carry out the headhunting.

With local knowledge of the markets where we are present, we have experience and from there can manage any contact with the market.

Regarding Cultural Matching, a project leader is the one who has in-depth knowledge of his client. Hence, we ensure complete understanding of our client’s need to obtain the best result in the cultural matching of our client with the candidate.

Personal international experience. We have international experience in various countries and due to this we have dedicated ourselves to headhunting. As well, we have lived the experience of starting projects from scratch abroad.


Saltor Talent is officially the partner in Spain of Talentor, a leader and innovative multinational company dedicated to search and selection of management talent and future manager.

Talentor is an international recruitment network specialized in executive search in the management and senior management segment.

It carries out high quality processes of hiring and consulting at local and international level; and it solves complex recruitment challenges by integrating traditional methods with technology and innovation.

Talentor processes are aligned and optimized for both local and international businesses and specialized in the information technology, telecommunications, finance, health sciences, consumer, energy and industry sectors.