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Leadership Consulting

Leadership that transforms

Deep Human Consulting

At Saltor Talent we are specialists in the deep support of CEOs, entrepreneurs, executives and the best talent so that they generate maximum value in a post-Covid environment, with dynamic and rapidly changing business ecosystems. Because we believe that good leadership can transform a company.

We achieve this by creating profound changes through motivation, a strategic business vision and through participatory and efficient processes that are integrated into the day-to-day. More than 4,000 hours of sessions with managers endorse us.

Advise, act, change

Digital transformation
We help the organization evolve in its culture so that it can successfully develop and execute its digital strategy.

> Culture and digital operations.
> Digital leadership.

High value talent
We advise on the challenges of talent as a differential factor, impacting business results, commitment and people's well-being.

> Comprehensive talent management.
> Executive onboarding.
> Upskilling.

Strategic leadership
We work to help define the strategic vision and culture in senior management and connect them with measurable results within daily operations.

> Strategic and cultural alignment.
> High impact steering committee.

High impact organization
We support the organization to adopt agile and high-performance principles, to be able to respond more quickly and efficiently to the new dynamics of the markets.

> Cultural change: AGILE organization.
> High performance equipment in VUCA environments.
> High productivity in a virtual environment.

Leadership Consulting