In mid-October from Saltor Talent, through our Human Consulting division, led by Daniel Pascual, and with the help of an experienced CEO, we want to offer you a webinar where we will give you some clues to set up and maintain a strong management committee, and above all, advice to help you make this committee a high-performance body, capable of implementing any strategy, capable of making your company grow and making it effective and sustainable over time.

Have you ever wondered why your company doesn't grow as much as it could? Or why your company has so many inefficiencies and it costs so much to do things as an organization? Or why the set strategy is never executed? Or why do we look at the future with mistrust?

The answer to these questions lies in the type of management committee of our company and the directors that make it up. We must forget about small tactics and great strategies, about covering accidental aspects of the company, which are important, yes, but which are still accidental when they are not a passing fad. Only with the right people can a company achieve its goals. And, logically, if it comes to having the best, that must first happen in the direction of our companies.

For this reason, at Saltor Talent we dare to conclude that not having a management committee that really works as a high-performance team and that has directors up to the challenges, currently represents the most important threat to the company. If the people work, the company works.

A strong management team, united and with a business vision are the pending duties of many companies. It is the most forgotten and unused competitive and growth advantage of the Spanish company and, without a doubt, it is the safest bet for the uncertain times that we have to face.