At the end of 2016, Iñaki Saltor , Founding Partner and Managing Director of Saltor Talent , meet Carlos Andreu , Founder-Partner and Managing Director of Cookie Box, at an event in Madrid about Talent in the new digital era. At that event, another of the Cookie Box partners and an expert in Gamification, Oscar García-Pañella , gave a presentation on how to apply the game in processes related to talent. As a result of that chance encounter, we have just created Bright-ly, a 100% digital and gamified evaluation. But let's not advance events!

After a couple of meetings, Iñaki launched a challenge that Cookie Box could not refuse: “I need a Partner to help me develop a differentiated methodology for Saltor Talent”. From that moment, at Saltor Talent and Cookie Box we started a wonderful analysis and development project led by Ana Pérez Aldekoa , partner and leader of the practice of Human Resources in Cookie Box.

After six months of hard work and also many laughs, in which we have the participation of some of our clients and trusted candidates, we managed to co-create a very rigorous methodology and 100% "candidate centric" with the highest levels of objectivity, robustness and efficiency. We had designed a powerful and challenging candidate experience. We call it Seamless from Need to Fit® and after two years working with her we have obtained satisfaction levels from clients and candidates above 4.25 out of 5.

But like everything in life, the important thing is not so much the final goal but the journey made and the learnings you do along the way. And what we took away from that co-creation experience was a full trust between us, enormous respect and a deep friendship .

And on that basis, today, many hours shared later, we present a new achievement, one of our new services : Bright-ly , a solution that responds to some of the challenges facing talent evaluation today: a custom-designed, 100% digital and gamified talent evaluation. The digital assessment solution designed to adapt to non-face-to-face environments that ensures rigor and objectivity in the process and enhances "engagement" and the attraction of talent .

Do you want to see how far we have come in the digital assessment? Go to and find out.