This morning a report on our consultant appeared on the cover of Expansión y Empleo, which can be read here.

We collect some of the statements of our team members in the article:

Iñaki Saltor, founding partner of Saltor Talent:

"It is fundamental to guarantee the long term, the sustainability of a company, to have a clear purpose, to transmit it and to achieve the alignment of all to achieve the necessary commitment to achieve the objectives"

"The companies that manage to endure are those that think long-term and are focused on people. The people area (the usual human resources) has become a strategic area"

"At Saltor Talent we will continue to adapt to the new demands of society and companies, for our talent and for our clients: we must think about sustainability and look at the long term. Working on the culture of the organization is the way to create a more inclusive and diverse society"

Alvaro Carcel, Director of Executive Search at Saltor Talent:

"But beware, the above is true as long as we are talking about the right employees, otherwise employees can become the company's worst enemy."

"The first thing is that there is a clear strategy and a shared mission within the company, and that it has leaders (managers and middle managers) who empower their teams, and are capable of creating and promoting spaces for collaboration and transparency. Also It is essential that there are fluid information channels between the different departments, avoiding silos and internal competition"

"All this calls for a transformation to move towards truly diverse (starting with the Management Committee) and inclusive organizations; employee training, either through upskilling or reskilling; implement flexible or hybrid work models; and rethink the role of the office as a socialization space"

Daniel Pascual, director of Human Consulting at Saltor Talent:

"We differentiate ourselves, first, in our way of understanding our profession: we are passionate about what we do. Our purpose is to get organizations to think long-term and think of sustainable models"