We continue with our monthly web section Saltor Talent Executive Agora, where we will interview different executives. This September we interviewed Mireia Vázquez, Director of Digital Presence, Media and Content at Banco Sabadell.

What position do you hold in your current company, and what are your main functions?

I am Director of Digital Presence, Media and Content. Together with the team, we manage the ecosystem of content and media to be able to bring the user closer to needs and moments related to their day to day.

Tell us briefly about your professional career (training, and how your career has been developing).

I studied Law in Barcelona and I studied a Master in EADA in Digital Marketing, I am currently training in Business Intelligent & nbsp; with OBS and the University of Barcelona. I have always been linked to banking environments and departments of the Digital Area; & nbsp; my first stage was at CatalunyaCaixa in the digital content department, then at & nbsp; Caixabank Consumer Finance as head of the RRSS strategy and consumer credit projects and my last stage has been & nbsp; at Cofidis as head of the Digital and Technology department.

After an extensive career, mainly in the banking and consumer credit sector, you have recently started a new adventure as Director of Digital Presence, Media and Content in a leading bank in our country. How have you experienced the change?

Well, the truth is that, with great enthusiasm, the world of content catches my attention, I believe that there is a great path of improvement to be able to guide the banking client to make a new form of banking relationship through digital media . And it is an honor to be part of this challenge within Banco Sabadell.

What are, in your opinion, the main challenges of the banking sector at the level of digital presence and communication with its customers ?

It is true that the banking environment is one of the sectors that is undergoing the most transformation. The current customer has very different needs than 5 years ago. Nowadays, immediacy prevails in all sectors, but in addition, & nbsp; within the banking sector there is a relationship between client and entity that has to go beyond any contract, the main challenge is there.

Digital Marketing evolves at a frenetic pace. What are the newest trends that every marketer should know about?

Digital marketing changes every day, I would say overwhelmed by the new needs of customers. It is clear to me that companies must measure up and be as agile as what our market is demanding. It is true that the Data part and dialogue with customers through voice are two points to take into account in the coming months.

Reviewing your professional career, if you look back, what have been the main learnings that you consider could help other professionals in their careers?

I really like learning new things, for me they are daily challenges. I like to enjoy and laugh at the goals we set for ourselves as a team. From all the experiences, something new is learned that can help you see the next challenge with another perspective. For me, it is essential to have a team of professionals who are well-versed and who feel the challenge with the same enthusiasm as the rest. A team is the sum of all the pieces, "alone, you can go faster, but as a team you go further"

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