1. What was the challenge?

Last June, one of our clients in the pharmaceutical sector presented us with a challenge: design a Group Assessment for its talent program aimed at future managers of the organization . The target of participants was very diverse since it brought together all kinds of profiles from different areas and with different backgrounds.

The mandate was clear: to be able to help their employees to become aware of the point at which They were, in each of the key competencies to be developed , as well as guiding them to enhance their skills in order to assume management positions in the organization.

Everything The process had to be linked to a positive experience, in which they could meet colleagues who were part of the development program, located in other cities and different departments. For this reason, they required a 100% digital Group Assessment with gamified elements that allowed for a objective and rigorous evaluation process , together with a positive experience .

2. What did we do and how did we do it?

After sharing the Group Assessment proposal designed for them with the company, we defined all the phases of the process. A first stage with a session that allowed them to interact and get to know all their classmates , working on the different activities both in small groups and in the whole group.

Later, there were two more stages: a feedback session with the managers and another to feedback to the participants , in which individual sessions were held to guide them in their development process.

3. The result

According to the feedback of some of the participants:

the activity has passed in a very agile and dynamic way, with a good organization of the exercises and with a very general theme where we all left our comfort zone. Having been able to work in separate dynamics has allowed us to meet new colleagues and the experience has been very positive. ”

Customer feedback and employee satisfaction have been so positive that we wanted to thank you for your trust and inform you that Bright-ly; The experience factory in Group Assessment continues to design new experiences for all those challenges that come to us and for those that are yet to come.