After eight years of experience, Saltor Talent lands in Madrid following a path of growth with a clear strategic vision. Founded by Iñaki Saltor, the firm has become a benchmark in its core business, the Executive Search, which has allowed it to diversify by developing other areas of great added value for the client.

With a solid project in constant evolution Saltor Talent opens this month its offices in Paseo de la Castellana in a strategic place such as the capital of Spain, dynamic city, and headquarters of large companies, in which Ana Afán de Ribera and Paloma Villafranca are incorporated.
In a year in which it has far exceeded one million euros in turnover, an objective set by the consultant, the opening in Madrid is part of the project that allows them to continue growing and accompany their clients even more closely.

Ana Afán has a proven track record in consulting and recruitment of management positions, having managed teams and developed business in both Europe and America. In turn, Paloma Villafranca brings more than 15 years of experience in multinationals; selecting, evaluating and developing talent and bringing the skills and capabilities of teams to their full potential. He has experience in Executive Search leading teams in Spain, China, and Latin America.

In this line of growth, Saltor Talent has expanded its portfolio of services since, although it was born as an Executive Search firm and continues to be the core of the business, it has incorporated new lines of business within the area of strategic talent consulting, such as the evaluation of management committees and subsequent accompaniment in its transformation. It also accompanies organizations at a more initial moment, in the definition of their competence models, in the definition of their key positions and in their succession plans.  The firm moves in the management layer of the organization, from a level below the management committee to general management and some positions on boards of directors. With all this, Saltor Talent is currently a company that offers a transversal service in the entire field of managerial talent.

Coinciding with the opening of the new offices in Madrid and after four years in the firm, Álvaro Cárcel has just been appointed partner, thus recognizing his contribution to the development and consolidation of the firm. The former director of Executive Search and partner since this month, is "satisfied, grateful and very excited about the new stage. It has been four years of growth, in a changing and sometimes adverse environment. But we have managed to create a team with a winning mentality, of which we are proud, and which allows us to face the future of the firm with high optimism."